How do we clean the exterior?

Using ultra-plush premium microfiber towels and dirt encapsulating solutions, our microfibers and spray work together to safely pick up any dirt and grime on the vehicle, locking in that stunning shine with our protective waxes included in every wash. If your vehicle is heavily contaminated, we will use water with the 2 bucket method to safely get the job done without any scratching.

 Although, the term "waterless" is not completely waterless, Wipers Detailers use about a glass of water in each wash saving over 50 gallons per wash while offering the highest quality protective waxes in the world, Carnauba and Beeswax. 

The waterless wash has become especially popular in areas with severe drought and water restrictions.

Should I tip my Wipers washer?

Our focus is to provide the most premium car cleaning service available. Tipping is not required, but if your feel your detailer did an outstanding job feel free to reward them at the end of the job when payment is collected.

Will it scratch my car?

With trained Wipers staff and proper technique/tools, there is no worry of Wipers harming your car.

Where can my car be cleaned?

We can clean your car just about anywhere within our service area; Your house, apartment, condo, office, the mall, grocery store, or any public street.

How soon can we deliver?

Depending on demand, we usually can deliver a wash or detail with 3 hours of notice. Click any of the "Request a wash" buttons to easily view all days and times available. You can even schedule your wash or detail over a month in advance, just select the date that works for you.

What kind of products does Wipers use?

Wipers uses the top professional eco friendly solutions paired with ultra plush microfiber towels for the best results and protection from scratches.

What is a clay bar treatment?

Bugs, rust specks, water spots, bird droppings and pollution are just a few of the common surfactants that block light from reflecting off your paint. This takes away that beautiful shine of your once sparkling clean investment. 

The clay bar treatment removes all of these surfactants and allows for our ultra fine waxes and polymers to stick, protect and provide an absolutely stunning shine for much longer than just a wash.

We use a new synthetic clay bar that safely removes surfactants without scratching or marring your paint. The clay bar treatment is highly recommended if you're looking for the cleanest look along with a buttery smooth surface.