Driven with a passion for environmental protection, cars, and business, Andrew launched Wipers a few months after the purchase of his first car. Many failed attempts at local car washes later, he fell in love with proper professional car cleaning. After many months of DIY testing, Andrew organized Wipers with one goal in mind: provide best of the best car detailing that will make a serious impact to the people and environment.

Aiming to modernize and revolutionize the car washing industry by offering eco-friendly services, unsurpassed customer service, simplicity, and quality assurance, we have gathered the best detailing professionals and paired them with our superlative tools. 

Water is an extremely valuable resource that is quickly depleting. By performing the rinse-less methods and using natural products with no harsh chemicals, we save up to 50-100 gallons per wash, leaving no footprint behind and a stunningly clean car. A portion of every single wash is then donated to the worlds leading youth water organization, the Thirst Project to contribute to the construction of water wells across the globe.

Wipers is not your average car wash or detailer. Scheduling in seconds to your home, office or public parking saves you loads of time especially in the long run from taking your vehicle to the local wash, waiting in long lines or doing it yourself. In addition, you will achieve an extremely clean car with a quality guarantee; And will come back if you are not satisfied. Requesting is as simple as pressing the button below!